Loch Long Salmon want to change Salmon farming for good


Through farming with semi-closed technology that eliminates many environmental and fish welfare concerns for both farmed and wild salmon, Loch Long Salmon will help transition the sector to be cleaner and greener.

Loch Long Salmon is a low-impact salmon farming company dedicated to environmental stewardship and animal welfare. We want to change salmon farming in Scotland for good through leadership and by demonstrating what is possible. We will be the first salmon farmer in Scotland to use semi-closed systems, or sometimes called closed containment at sea.

Our Mission

Loch Long Salmon is dedicated to changing salmon farming in Scotland for good through leadership and by demonstrating what is possible.

We celebrate salmon farming for creating high quality, low carbon protein that is good for human health. But we want to do it better, smarter, with less impact and with the support of local communities, customers and regulators.

By challenging the status quo, by changing, by innovating and striving to be better we believe that we can make a positive difference – to the environment, to the communities where we work and to fish welfare.

Our Goals

Lower Climate Impact

Through the use of semi-closed farming technology, not only will 88% of solid waste be captured and used for green energy production whilst preventing it from entering Scotland’s lochs, we will not require the use of sea lice treatments. This means reduced marine vessel activity, and no risk to wild salmon and trout.

Greater Community Benefit

Through establishing community-led benefit funds, we can ensure that we provide support to projects valued by local people. We look to use local suppliers and Scottish-based companies wherever we can and support affordable housing development in the areas we operate in.

Improved Fish & Animal Welfare

As well as providing environmentally responsible, healthy proteins, we are able to provide increased welfare impacts for our fish. Through improved water quality monitoring and control, combined with our zero lice-treatment regime and zero use of Acoustic Deterrent Devices (ADDs), we create an optimal environment for our Salmon whilst minimising the impact on the nature around us.

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