Loch Long Salmon is a low-impact salmon farming company dedicated to environmental stewardship and animal welfare. 

We want to change salmon farming in Scotland for good through leadership and by demonstrating what is possible. 

We will be the first salmon farmer in Scotland to use semi-closed systems.

These systems eliminate sea lice and capture, remove, and reuse almost all the solid waste. This can then then be used in anaerobic digesters for green energy production – allowing our fish farming system to contribute to Scotland’s Circular Economy.

Aquaculture in Scotland

As Scotland’s largest food export, farmed salmon is a huge part of the economic success and international recognition of Scotland’s iconic food and drink sector.  Even more significantly Scottish salmon farming is a cornerstone of the communities that host the farms, providing quality year-round jobs and community investment as well as support for many local ancillary businesses. 

The Scottish Government and regulators need solutions which properly balance the desire to protect local economies with the imperative of protecting the environment. 

Loch Long Salmon’s new approach, using semi-closed farming systems improves environmental and fish welfare outcomes.  Our innovation will allow Scottish communities to continue to enjoy the economic and social benefits associated with salmon farming and will allow this important rural business sector to thrive.


Loch Long and Loch Alsh

Loch Long, Scotland

Invest in the future of Aquaculture

Loch Long Salmon is a Joint Venture between three partners, Simply BlueGolden Acre Foods and Trimara

Loch Long Salmon is a Joint Venture between three partners, Simply Blue, Golden Acre Foods and Trimara. 

Semi-closed farming systems cost more to build and operate but have significantly reduced costs by eliminating sea lice treatment costs and improving yield through increased fish welfare and reduced mortalities.

Because of the improved control the risk of unexpected events is also reduced meaning that semi closed systems offer a more reliable return on investment.  The overall cost of production is competitive with conventional farms.

As the industry continues to progress, farming systems that prevent problems and address concerns will find favour with regulators and consumers, making them a safer investment with a more stable future and prospects for returns.



Stewart Hawthorn

Stewart Hawthorn

Director, Loch Long Salmon

Stewart has worked for more than 30 years in senior aquaculture leadership roles in Scotland, Canada, and New Zealand. He has been responsible for freshwater recirculating aquaculture systems, marine farming systems and complex breeding improvement programmes. 

Stewart led the commercial operations for Grieg Seafood in North America, including the development of a successful and award-winning super-premium branded salmon, Skuna Bay Salmon.  He is currently Owner and Director of Trimara Services UK Ltd, an aquaculture equipment and services company supporting customers in Scotland and internationally.

Christoph Harwood

Christoph Harwood

Director, Loch Long Salmon

Christoph is Managing Director and a founder of Simply Blue Aquaculture, which was established in 2018 with a view to developing new salmon farming models in Scotland.  He is also a Director of Simply Blue Group.

As a Director of Loch Long Salmon, Christoph brings extensive experience from the marine energy sector. Having held senior positions in environmental finance and tidal energy technology businesses, Christoph also brings experience of working in start-ups and knowledge of key environmental issues.  

Mark Shotter

Mark Shotter

Project Manager

Mark is the Project Manager for Planning, Consenting, and Engineering of our low-impact, semi-closed sites for Loch Long Salmon.

Mark has a passion for sustainability and the ocean environment. He has worked as a project manager in energy, engineering, and the marine sector in several challenging locations around the world.