Community engagement

Engaging with the local community at an early stage is a key part of our approach.  We want to work with the community to explain the benefits of semi-closed containment aquaculture and gather information to make sure each site is in the correct location and that local feedback has been fully taken into account.

To do this we will normally meet with local community councils regularly beginning at the early stages of the project; hold community drop-in sessions well in advance of planning; regularly attend local meetings; visit and meet with those closest to the proposed farms; hold further events around marine permits and planning applications; and discuss how the community benefit fund proposals can help the local area so that this money can have the biggest impact as quickly as possible.

Community Benefits
Each individual farm we propose will come with a community benefit fund throughout the life of the farm to spend on projects which improve or enhance the local area. Each area will be different but this might include projects to improve the local environment; improve eco-tourism; increase local accessibility; provide new community facilities; bring new jobs or skills to the area; or fund local groups.
The key factor is that decisions will be made by local people in each case. Our role will be to guarantee good governance, financial compliance and due diligence, but communities will decide what their priorities are for these funds.
Our Ethos

Loch Long Salmon is a low-impact salmon farming company dedicated to environmental stewardship and animal welfare.

We want to change salmon farming in Scotland for good through leadership and by demonstrating what is possible.

We will be the first salmon farmer in Scotland to use semi-closed systems.

These systems eliminate sea lice and capture, remove, and reuse almost all the solid waste. This can then be used in anaerobic digesters for green energy production – allowing our fish farming system to contribute to Scotland’s Circular Economy.

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