We have held preliminary discussions with a number of community councils and locally elected representatives and have submitted a Scoping Request to Argyll & Bute Council for a site west of the cattle farm at Lurignish, approximately here (

As we have previously, we will engage fully and openly with local people to outline what we believe are the benefits of this technology and answer any questions they might have.

Please check back for more information or contact us to ask any specific questions you might have.

Project Stats

Tracking Progress and Impact of our Initiatives

Eight grow out enclosures
Commitment to provide an annual £100,000 to community projects
Plan for 16 full time jobs
Potential for £60m of inward investment to Scotland
Project Milestones


The intention is to have the site consented by December 2024


Construction complete by December 2026.


First fish in the water by early 2027.
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